10. Create an Environmental Quality Partnership to coordinate environmental infrastructure plans and projects across many government agencies
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Recognizing the extensive number, complexity, and interrelated nature of environmental infrastructure projects in the Gowanus neighborhood, there should be an entity where government agencies can coordinate across projects and collaborate in communicating with community members about a project’s impact. Based on the model of the Onondaga Lake Watershed Partnership, a roundtable should be convened that brings together the appropriate agencies and connects them with community members to:

+   Coordinate Superfund, brownfield and resiliency plans for the area;

+   Assist in the integration of actions of different levels of government;

+ Monitor the impact of infrastructure improvements on sewer back-ups in the neighborhood and CSO discharge to the Canal Pump Station;

+   Ensure that quality job opportunities for local residents are created by construction and maintenance activities related to environmental infrastructure;

+   Monitor construction impacts;

+ Inform community members of important actions they can take to support the environmental improvement of the area.

The Environmental Quality Partnership should also make every effort to take a truly comprehensive approach that includes planning for infrastructure upgrades on both private and public property in the area. By creating a centralized place for discussion and monitoring of the neighborhood’s overall progress in environmental infrastructure, stakeholders will be able to identify and capitalize on important synergies across projects as well as minimize impacts.