8. Improve connectivity, circulation, and transit
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Restore the B71 bus and make subway stations comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act

The B71 was a much used route that ran east and west over the Canal on Union Street. Subway alternatives in the area are a long distance from much of the residential population and lack elevators, making the B71 critical to many residents and workers who do not have other mobility options, such as seniors, the disabled, and young students. Eliminated in 2010, full service along this route must be restored. Another critical bus route serving the area, the B37 along Third Avenue, was also cut in 2010, but has since been restored, due to the tireless advocacy of local residents and workers.1)Founding members of the Save the B37 Bus! Coalition are UPROSE, Transit Forward, and Lutheran Family Health Centers However, it is not clear that the reinstatement is permanent; it should be made so. Finally, compliance with the accessibility standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should be achieved at subway stations serving the area.

Invest in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure

A street hierarchy should be designed to guide usage and create a neighborhood that is easy to traverse and accommodates the multiple uses in Gowanus. The pedestrian experience can be improved and especially encouraged on certain streets, while safety can be enhanced and conflicts minimized wherever possible. Thoughtful placement of bike infrastructure, bike parking, and enhanced bike paths are essential to realizing full connectivity in the area and for ensuring the safety of cyclists.

Expand and explore sharing programs to support mobility

NYC BikeShare has been a successful and welcome addition in the neighborhoods where it has been implemented. Gowanus, which is adjacent to the current zones where CitiBikes are available, is a natural and feasible site for expansion. Also, a car-share franchise for environmentally friendly electric vehicles, modeled on the Autolib in Paris, could potentially be piloted in the area.


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1. Founding members of the Save the B37 Bus! Coalition are UPROSE, Transit Forward, and Lutheran Family Health Centers