5. Create dedicated arts centers with affordable space for creating and exhibiting art and gathering as a creative community
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Planning for these centers should include performance and exhibition space as well as space for production, rehearsals, and offices for arts and cultural nonprofits. It should also be connected to the planning for the adaptive re-use of the BRT Powerhouse building for arts and cultural uses and to the preservation of Proteus Gowanus as an artist-owned space. This includes preservation of community-based arts and nonprofit organizations through incentives for developers (who need to meet a requirement to preserve or create “maker” space) to deed over maker-spaces. It also includes incentives that enable artists, cooperatives, and nonprofit organizations to own their own space.

The Powerhouse Workshop

The owner of the BRT Powerhouse building has formed a nonprofit arts foundation to occupy the building and is contemplating creating space for artist studios, afterschool programs, performances, collaborative workspace for artists, and exhibition space. Given the building’s size and prominence, the Powerhouse Workshop will be a major symbol and permanent space for the neighborhood’s continuing legacy of artistic and cultural expression.



BRT Powerhouse building Photo credit: Pratt Center for Community Development